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Welcome to STFU Vegans

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Welcome to the homepage for STFU Vegans! This page was inspired by me getting really pissed off at narrowminded animal-rights activists that fail to realize that their shitty diets are not helping the animals as much as asshole organizations like PETA make it sound like it is. I'm all for animal rights, don't get me wrong. I love animals. I just have a problem with the people who would save a fucking dog from a burning house instead of an infant. You know... PETA members. Anyway, this is my site for my club that is against the vegans... that are against us. Enjoy.

Now that I've introduced my club, I should introduce myself. My name is Andrew McIsaac, and I am from New Waterford, Nova Scotia. I listen to real music (that means I don't listen to rap), and I hate vegans that bitch at me because they saw me eating chicken tenders at Burger King. Go and eat your tofu, retard.

In this area, we might include links that highlight important or frequently updated areas of our site. For example, we might include links to the page that discusses upcoming events or that introduces new members.

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